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The Services I Can Do For You & How Much It Cost?


Conversion - Convert AutoCAD Drawing to Revit format. But not only AutoCAD drawings! I can convert tiff, bmp, png, jpeg and pdf to Revit format.

  • Convert 'Hand drafted blueprint' and 'As-built drawings'? Yes I can convert those kind of files to Revit format as long as you send me a scan file.

    • The rate are based on square footage from $0.50 and up depending on the complexity of the project.

Free Custom House Plans - free downloadable pdf - Free downloadable pdf floor plan's are posted in the FLoor Plans page, and can be printed in wide format.

  1. I can provide you a completed Architectural Construction Documents of the floor plan posted in the FLoor Plans page. The rates on this are based on total square footage of any floor plan(s) you choose. This rate is $0.50 per square foot.

    • For example; Floor Plan No. 1301744, the total square footage of the living area of that is 1744 SQFT plus the garage and front porch is equals to 2547 SQ FT multiply this by $0.50 that totals to $1,273.50.

  2. I can Upgrade and Customize any of these floor plans that you choose. The rate will depend on the complexity of the changes or adjustments you want to make. This is called a Change Order (CO). Your rate options are:

    • Hourly Rate starting from $50.00 and up.

    • Project Rate and Square Footage Rate start from $0.50 and up. This rate is limited to three turnaround cycles. After the third turnaround your project is done.

Complete Architectural Working Drawings:

  • INCLUDES - cover sheet, detailed floor plan, and detailed ceiling plan, detailed roof plan, detailed elevations, detailed building sections, detailed wall sections, door and window schedule, room finish schedule. All sheets are on printable wide 24x36 pdf formats.

  • NOT INCLUDED - site plan, architect stamp, engineering drawings, engineer stamp, engineering calculation, electrical drawings, mechanical drawings and plumbing drawing.

    • If you want me to include a site plan you will need to send me all pertinent information such as plot plan that can be acquired at your local municipal engineering planning department. You need to hire a local land surveyor to verify all site bearing, and then prior to start any construction; land surveyor should provide on-site position point or benchmark of the house including elevation.

    • If you want me to include foundation, electrical and mechanical drawings we could do that in a separate contract.

    • Some states require that a licensed architect or engineer review and stamp the plans. If this is the case where you will be building, a local professional will be able to assist you.

    • Printed Floor Plans - All documents are digital images. I do not provide printed floor plans, You can bring the files to a local print shop and print it as many as you require.

  • Note that prior to starting construction drawing, any and all materials including finishes should be finalized. Once the working drawing gets started any changes or adjustments are subject to change order (CO) and will be based on an hourly rate.

I accept cryptocurrency:

  • Only send Bitcoin (BTC) to this address - 36gaXQvNzw88yP8LMg8fA63kMJV3zan2xS

  • Only send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to this address - qp50rr73vgha8dnawexwww9sghe0eku5gsffuntgqp

  • Only send Ethereum (ETH) to this address - 0xDd6193d85957F2c3162833D56365B979F10393de

  • Only send Litecoin (LTC) to this address - M9EPsLHVnwRdZfsTdDfNJvFsunymsFopem

Note to sender: Sending any other digital asset in a wrong address will result in permanent loss and I will not be liable to it. So please make sure to send it to the right address with right digital asset. Thanks.

To purchase a floor plan revit files click the BUY REVIT FILE.

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